What does Being Human Mean to YOU?

Here are your answers... 

I think part of being human means never having life figured out and the struggle within ourselves to come to grips with that.
— Jacob Adkins
Knowing and becoming who you really are.
— Ken Devine
I was recently watching a Netflix documentary series, ‘Cooked,’ by Michael Pollan in which he noted that ‘cooking is what separates us from animals. No other animal on earth cooks their food.’ So, aside from our ability to be empathetic and use tools, I like that gastronomy is one of the big indicators of humanity.
— Jason O'Donnell
Knowing that God created us for a purpose and seeking God everyday to build a relationship with him and know how to treat other people and help others know Christ.
— Megan Peck
The ability to reason.
— Shannon McCue
At first, I thought failure was my answer. Not pessimism, but most other creatures generally go about their lives, surviving, doing what nature intends without failure, really (unless you count dying as failure).

But plenty of machines fail. When they were created, they have flaws. Eventually, on a long enough timeline, every machine will suffer some failure. So, I think being human is basically being a sentient machine. We were ‘designed’ (or evolved) with flaws, and fail constantly.
— Josh Thomason
Connecting in a fast food nation where everyone swipes right.
— Winter Breedlove
To foolishly favor emotion over logic.
— Rebecca McGrath Hoffman
To have the conscious ability to discern the following:
A) I think; therefore, I exist and have freedom of will.
B) I exist now, but I haven’t always existed, and I won’t always exist.
C) Because I won’t always exist, I must find out why I exist and what it means to not exist as well as why I have the freedom to ask the question and pursue an answer.
— Justin Hoover
To me, being human is realizing and appreciating being a part of this world and finding your own place within it. Respecting it in its entirety, from our towns to earth to whole galaxies. The fact that we were created and provided a wonderful environment to live in. To be human is to appreciate our existence and our surroundings. To love, laugh, cry, and persevere during our lifetime and leave a legacy to our future generations.
— Carmen Gosa
To love, to forgive, to forget, and to dream. To make misakes and learn from them.
— Michael Donley
The ability to help others, create your own destiny, and to laugh and cry with passion. To feel!
— Les Adkins
A high ability to identify patterns...
— Sean Doss