EPISODE 034: SEASON FINALE - Veteran Stories of Service & Support through the Irreverent Warriors Silkies Hike Nashville


Caution: This episode may contain distressing content for some.

Last week, Ryan and I opened up about our relationship. This week, right in time for Independence Day, we’re really diving into military service and the issues that arise for veterans, while serving and also when integrating back into civilian life.

Veterans Andrew Farrer, Andy Littlefield, and Jarod Couch touch on topics such as post traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD), alcoholism, transitions, structure and why its important when you’re in high stakes situations, suicide, and other topics ranging from what are silkies, veteran humor, and even personal stories of impact and service.

I was honored to have these men on the show. Here are their amazing bios written in their own words:

Andrew Farrer

Nashville native, but raised in NH. Boarding school, college in FL. Worked at Sherwin Williams after college until enlisting into the Marine Corps (2004-2008). Infantry Machine Gunner with 3/8 India Company. Fallujah 2005, Battle of Ramadi, 2006 and the 22nd MEU. Purple Heart Recipient (2006). Chef for 10 years.

100% PTSD and recovering alcoholic (10 months sober).

First Irreverent Warriors Silkies Hike was Savannah 2018.

Life member VFW#1291, and newly elected Adjutant.

Sr Vice Commandant MCL#1158 in Murfreesboro.

Irreverent Warriors Silkies Hike Nashville Coordinator

Lost dad (Navy Veteran) to suicide in bootcamp. Lost 25 friends in deployments. Lost child in 2006 to PKD and brother in 2014 (Colon Cancer).

Love helping Veterans and huge supporter of Irreverent Warriors.

Andy Littlefield

After graduating high school in 2002 I left home for Marine Corps Recruit Training in Parris Island, SC. After earning the title of Marine, I was stationed at Camp Pendleton, CA I served on two deployments. The first, from 2003 to 2004, with the 13 th Marine Expeditionary Unit in support of 1 st Battalion, 1 st Marine Regiment. On this deployment I travel around the Western Pacific on the USS Ogden and had the amazing opportunity to see 6 different countries in 8 months. My second deployment wasn’t as glamourous. I was deployed to Ar Ramadi, Iraq for 9 months in 2005, this time supporting 1 st Battalion, 5 th Marine Regiment. This is where I would get my first taste of combat, but thankfully my entire platoon came home and was able to hug their loved ones.

After leaving the Corps in June of 2006, I started a career in the offshore drilling industry. Here my familiarity with being away for extended periods and working in harsh environments really worked to my favor to help make a great living for my family. In 2016, my family and I made the decision to move back to Tennessee and I enrolled in MTSU. With the help of credits I had earned while in the Corps I graduated with my BS in Criminal Justice and Management in 2018.

My education has helped me to find work that allows me to peruse my true passion of helping my brothers and sisters in arms through the Marine Corps League (of which I currently serve as Commandant of the Stones River Detachment in Rutherford County), Irreverent Warriors and other worthy Veteran causes.

Jarod Couch

Born in raised in Texas. Joined the Marines right out of high school, went into the Reserves in aspirations of running college cross country and track. Served from 2008 to 2016 as an Amphibious Assault Vehicle Mechanic, 2141 with OMC Waco, TX and then 4th Tracks in Galveston, TX. After getting out in 2016, I continued my career in HVAC Controls and Building Automation which brought me to Nashville in Feb. of 2019.

The Oath was founded in May 2017 after working with several Veteran non profits and realizing the issues others veterans were facing as well as trying to find my own path. We have been able to effectively collaborate with many VSOs nationwide to achieve their missions and effectively impact the Veteran community.