EPISODE 033: Connecting through Communication and Quality Time to Grow in Love


Last week, we talked to James Hughey, a professional nerd and podcaster who opened up about his happy polyamorous relationship.  

This week’s episode is truly personal. Ryan Sauls and I open up about our happy monogamous relationship. Listeners, including but not limited to guests from episode 12 and 26, submitted relationship questions on Facebook and we spend the next 45 minutes or so answering them all. 

I’m Brandi Fleck, your host. If you guys have been following the On Being Human podcast from inception, you probably know enough about me by now. If not, definitely go back to episodes 1 and 19, which can be found at onbeinghumanpodcast.com/episodes or check out the On Being Human About page. If you follow the show on social media, you know who Ryan is.

But, today, I’m extremely honored to have the pleasure to introduce you by voice to Ryan. We’ve been together for over a year, have blended our families, and enjoy navigating the world together and with our children. By day, Ryan is a software engineering manager. In his spare time, he is an extremely talented musician, and in fact, wrote the music for the intro and outro of this podcast. He is the voice of the intro and helps edit and mix episodes with me behind the scenes. 

We believe that sharing our experiences helps others and we enjoy when others share their experiences with us.

Our humanity manifests itself in so many different ways, and relationships are one area that are fun to explore. So, click below to hear us open up about what works for us and even what doesn’t and how we work through it.