EPISODE 032: Navigating Polyamory with a Professional Nerd


Caution: This episode contains adult content.

Last week, we talked to Crystal Barker, a Mom who has biological children, step children, foster children, and who mentors children in need.  

This week’s guest, James Hughey, manages a comic book store, sings in an industrial band called Allofher Twitch, is a self-proclaimed nihilist and professional nerd, and co-hosts The Nerd Cult Underground podcast on leallegacy.com, where he’s affectionately known as Fieldmouse. The Podcast focuses on comic book related news and media. 

Despite James’ affinity for comics and all nerd-related things, he’s here today to talk about relationships. And that’s because he recently transitioned from monogamy to polyamory, which he’s going to educate us all about - how he got into it, how his primary partner feels about it, how he opened up to his family and his primary partner’s family and how he views marriage and secondary relationships. We talk about what he wants out of relationships and how its all going for him. We also try to work out some of the terminology.

And for those who may not know, polyamory means James and his partners can be and may be involved with more than one romantic partner simultaneously. It’s a departure from mainstream culture and honestly, some people I’ve talked to who are polyamorous wish to remain anonymous from fear of judgement in their careers and in other public arenas. So, if that tells you anything about polyamory, its that people don’t always react nicely to it. 

But, James agreed to share his story and small pieces of his partners’ stories that overlap with his experience of the relationships, and his partners also gave permission to use their first names. 

And the main take away from this episode is, along with other episodes in this podcast, is we’re all human. We’re all making choices every day that impact our happiness, well being, and quality of life and those choices can be different for everybody.

Our humanity manifests itself in so many different ways, and relationships are one area that are fun to explore. So, click below to hear what James has to say about polyamory.