EPISODE 029: Experiences with Racism and Rebuilding Self Confidence


Last week, we talked to Donna Campbell, a shining example of how to hardness hard experiences into a positive life path. She leads a diversity and inclusion initiative as part of her career, and this week’s guest, Marcus Barker, is an active member of the diversity and inclusion group.  

Today, Marcus discusses everything from pivoting from a teaching career into becoming a software game developer to how that has taken him into being a minority in a predominantly white male dominated career path. Marcus tells personal stories of racism experienced not only in his career, but also as a teenager. We discuss his journey through his career and what led him to where he is today as well as issues such as people pleasing, building confidence, and finding your way in the world. When you’re finding your way, you can run up against people who don’t realize how they treat you has a lasting impact. And at other times, you can run up against some real unkindest and prejudice. 

What’s so important about Marcus’ message that we all need to think about is that even if your intentions are not to hurt someone, the person at the receiving end of your actions or words doesn’t always know your motivation. You can’t know someone’s intentions, and perception is oftentimes reality. 

So, even though Marcus doesn’t say this, I hope we can all think about how if a person experiences something as racism, then it is, whether you intend it to be or not.

Marcus is also a father to three beautiful boys, who you will hear in the background of this episode, and takes pride in being a father and good example, caretaker, and provider for his kids and family.  

I just love Marcus’ bravery, honestly, and generosity in sharing his story - his willingness to start a conversation about tough topics is admirable.  

So tune in to learn about what race-related actions had a lasting impact on his confidence. 

Plus he gives white people advice about how to start a conversation about racism. And the conversation is a great starting point to learn about how to advocate for human rights.



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