EPISODE 028: How to Enact Change While Following a Positive Life Path After Trauma


Last week, we talked to an early childhood educator about the impact of years 0-5 on the rest of our lives

This week, we’re hearing from Donna Campbell, a Nashville native activist and environmental advocate who is really an advocate for humanity. By day, she works in a corporate Legal department here in the Nashville area. She heads up a diversity and inclusion initiative at work and in her spare time, Donna volunteers for the Citizens Climate Lobby, spends time composting and making environmental changes at home, and practices yoga. 

There are so many great take aways in this episode, but if you listen for nothing else, the most important thing about this episode is the example Donna sets for how to harness hard, painful experiences as motivation to follow a positive life path. When traumatic and painful events occur, we can choose to rise up. 

And here’s one of the gems: You can feel safe again. After tragedy strikes - it is possible to eventually feel safe again. Remember that.

So, today, Donna details her journey from childhood to now, telling us about the major hardships that made her the person she is today. We discuss everything from care taking for family members to losing loved ones and working through it. 

Donna goes on to explain how caring for the environment is connected to a love for humanity and the diversity of the human condition.

Plus, Donna tells us how to start advocating for causes you believe in. Her passion just comes right through and is contagious.  

So listen in for more gems in this conversation. 

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