EPISODE 027: Teaching Kindness - An Educator's Thoughts on Early Childhood and Learning the Basics of Being Human


Last week, just in time for teacher appreciation week, we talked to a former high school science teacher who left the education system despite his love for education

This week, we’re hearing from Renee Cox, another teacher who loves what she does, but she specializes in early childhood education, having taught preschool for 20 years. Renee primarily works with 4 and 5 year olds. 

In this episode, Renee details her journey to becoming a teacher, her approach with young ones, and how important early childhood is because the events that happen at ages zero through five have a lasting, ingrained impact well into adulthood. The magnitude of the importance of preschool teachers is really put into perspective when you think about how that foundation can change the course of our lives. The teachers, like Renee, who our kids are with everyday, come in contact with kids who have been through trauma and other life changing events during that malleable time of intense brain development.  

Tune in to hear about how Renee feels about that responsibility. Renee opens up about how kindness is a priority in her classroom, how she teaches kindness along with a regular curriculum, and her approach to supporting families. 

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