EPISODE 019: Death Brings New Life


In this episode, I focus on new beginnings, signified by endings. I open up about experiences with loved ones dying; what it was like seeing some of my loved ones after their deaths; and a few ways I get through the grief by learning about my loved ones experiences. 

In this candid solo episode, I tell you about how I experienced a mass of energy as a child that saved me from a nasty fall; my opinion on spirituality and science going hand in hand as it relates to supporting an afterlife; and an epiphany that helped me through my grandmother’s death and a divorce. That epiphany still helps me through difficult times to this day. 

Tune in to learn about that message and how science and spirituality come together to form a faith that we’re all going to be okay, no matter what. 



  • A detailed description of what it was like seeing a friend who had died in the hospital after a car crash.

  • Spring is around the corner - how does that relate to death and dying.

  • Endings are new beginnings.

  • A detailed list of the deaths of people who are close to me.

  • What helps me deal with grief.

  • Creationism and evolution are NOT mutually exclusive. They actually work together. 

  • The Law of Conservation of Energy.

  • My first experience with the supernatural (plus Kenny Rogers in the 80s).

  • How to learn about death and dying to remove the mystery and therefore remove some of the scariness. 

  • Hearing with your soul.

  • Marriage difficulties.

  • Helpful messages of faith that come in hard times.

  • We’re all going to be okay, no matter what.