EPISODE 011: Adopting Internationally Part 2 - Seeing Our Son for the First Time, Transitioning to Home, and Gaining Funding


In this week’s episode, Carrie and Scotty Hunt emotionally describe seeing, meeting, and bringing their third son, Jordan, home for the first time. The couple open up about the experience of finding their son and the process for starting communication after approval to adopt and gaining travel approval into China.

In this candid conversation, the Hunts discuss Skyping with Jordan for the first time; taking the trip to finally get their son; the transition after brining Jordan home; and a changed perspective through their journey.

Tune in to hear the second part of the Hunt’s journey, where not only do they detail the intense emotions of the process, but how to keep the faith during setbacks, and even how they found creative ways to gain funding to help with high expenses.

And if you didn’t catch last week’s episode, listen to that one first to hear part 1 of the Hunts journey from beginning the process to what it’s like to work with an adoption agency, to finding out they could adopt internationally. Plus, the Hunts detail what family members and friends can do to support a couple who is adopting.



  • How to select a child and learn about what to expect for that particular child when you get them home.

  • The communication process that’s allowed once your approved to adopt a child in China.

  • After gaining travel approval into China, the Hunts describe the process of arriving in China, and what it was like arriving at the foster home. 

  • Regarding the first meeting, Carrie says: “Just tears because he was beautiful and it was like your heart just said, ‘there you are.’”

  • “From this day forward, you’re never out of our life. You’ll never be.” - Carrie said this regarding meeting her son for the first time.

  • How to keep the faith during the long process when setbacks occur. 

  • The Hunts decided to take a break about three years into the process because they were discouraged. They kept praying though.

  • They found Jordan during the break. 

  • This process is an emotional roller coaster.

  • There are grants available for adoption expenses.

  • Recognizing the signs from God saying, “Keep going.”

  • Lessons about God’s timing.

  • Fundraising tips.

  • There’s a tax credit for adoption, which is helpful.

  • The transition when the Hunts brought Jordan home, including the concept of cocooning and supporting cultural differences.

  • A changed perspective on what family is.


Brandi FleckComment