EPISODE 010: Adopting Internationally Part 1 - Healing from Postpartum Cardiomyopathy, Realizing the Calling to Adopt, and How to Select an Agency


This is part 1 of a two part series in which Scotty and Carrie Hunt open up about what led them to the option of adopting their third child, a son — a journey lasting three years. The Hunts learned early on in their family life that it would be difficult to conceive. However, Carrie lived through a complicated pregnancy with precious twins resulting in a life-threatening condition of postpartum cardiomyopathy. 

In this candid conversation, the Hunts discuss Carrie’s experience; what Scotty went through as a new father while taking care of Carrie and their new babies; Carrie miraculously healing physically over time - seven years; and starting the adoption journey with research and family communication.  

Tune in to hear the first part of the Hunt’s journey from beginning the process to what it’s like to work with an adoption agency, to finding out they could adopt internationally.  Plus, the Hunts detail what family members and friends can do to support a couple who is adopting.

And, be sure to come back next week to hear part 2 of the story, where they go into the specifics of meeting their son for the first time to the transition of bringing him home from China and also how to gain funding through grants.



  • What inspired the Hunts to adopt and what relieved any fear around starting the process.

  • Initial consideration of how not only the Hunts would adjust to and love a new child, but how their extended family would as well.

  • Communication was key - The Hunts prioritized conversations with the family they love to transition in the beginning of the process.

  • Family support came easy and was a blessing. 

  • Go into it with an open heart and pray.

  • A discussion of the health issues that made it difficult to conceive, plus fertility treatments leading to twins that came first.

  • Emotions that came with a postpartum cardiomyopathy diagnosis from a new mom and new dad’s perspective.

  • How all the stressful experiences made Scotty and Carrie’s marriage stronger and strengthened their faith in God - a turning point in life.

  • The power of prayer and faith.

  • The first step in adoption is research.

  • The Hunt’s started with domestic adoption at first. 

  • The home study process.

  • How the Hunt’s found out they could adopt internationally because Carrie’s heart issues had healed.

  • International adoption requirements.

  • Selecting an adoption agency - what you should look for in an agency.


  • The best way to show support to family going through adoption is to directly tell your loved ones you’re there for them.

  • Research yourselves to show support to a couple adopting a child.

  • Pray that each new chapter shows them a new chapter in God, strength, and uplifts them.

  • Research, research, research when selecting an adoption agency - look at the reviews. 

  • Join support groups. The Hunts are part of Facebook support groups.



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