EPISODE 009: Being Who You Were Created to Be through Awareness, Kindness, and Resilience


In this week’s episode, women’s personal development life coach, Brandi Hawthorne, opens up about the importance how personal development and pure love are some of the most important things in her life and how she uses those things to serve others. Brandi details detours she’s witnessed in her life and the lives of (unidentified) clients.

In this candid conversation, Brandi discusses learning how connected humanity really is through living in Guam and how she found her calling and path through a series of soul searching moments. Brandi teaches us about using perspective to realize opportunity and the need for awareness to have kindness. 

Tune in to hear Brandi’s advice on getting to where you want to be in life, the role of accountability in our lives, and building resilience.



  • The importance of having intentional relationships and what those are.

  • Look at where you are, where you desire to be, and then figure out how to maneuver there.

  • Who Brandi is as a person naturally and through life experiences.

  • Pure love is the most important thing in life - not loving out of fear or hurt, but what is pure love and how to get to it.

  • A personal story of how childhood baggage can leak into present relationships and how to be aware enough to keep baggage in check.

  • How serving others fills Brandi up with energy. She just wants to talk about it!

  • Brandi’s workshops and guest speaking through her business, Woman, Live!

  • We are spiritual beings first.

  • Recognize why we were sent at the time and place we were to decide what we should do with that.

  • A recollection of living in Guam, why, and what evolutions took place while there.

  • How Brandi realized her calling and path - it started with remembering herself.

  • Brandi finds that women stop dreaming about the possibilities in life if after years of ups and downs. Vision boards help awaken desires.

  • How to create a tangible, real-life (non-digital) board and what it’s purpose is.

  • The concept of a “detour” in life on your path to get where you want to be and real-life examples of detours.

  • What are circular beliefs and how to recognize them so you can avoid them.

  • Using perspective to see blessings.

  • The role of accountability groups in our lives.

  • What is resilience and why is it important.

  • Kindness in the face of insults - the difficulty but necessity to treat people the way they deserve to be treated, but not the way they need to be treated in the moment. Brandi’s personal account of how she does this.


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  • Mark Batterson, and his concept of holy complications.

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