EPISODE 008: A Journey with Cushing's Disease Part 2: Career Impact, Diagnosis, and Care Taking in a Romance


In this candid conversation, Tiffanny opens up about how she found fulfillment through acceptance after her illness and attributes much progress to her husband, Josh’s, support.

Tiffanny details traveling to see specialists all over the world and living with a diseases that’s not well understood. She talks about how she feels about having a diagnosis and impact on career. How do you stay emotionally resilient through all the ups and downs that comes with a rare disease? 

Tune in to learn why Tiffanny uprooted her life from Massachusetts to Nashville and then to Atlanta to be her own healthcare advocate and how Josh has helped support her along the way. 

Tiffanny and Josh give tangible, tactical steps you can take if you’re on a journey with Cushing’s or any chronic health issue. 



  • Tiffanny obtained a Masters degree in Educational Psychology. 

  • She details getting sick shortly after and how it impacted her career - plans changed.

  • Watching everything she worked for “crumble,” Tiffanny fell into depression.

  • Having meaningful conversations with Josh helps Tiffanny see the light at the end of the career tunnel. 

  • You’ve go to stop judging yourself based on who you were six years ago. You’ve got to start focusing on who you are now, what your’e capable of, and what you can do with what you’ve got. 

  • Tiffanny attributes her changing attitude to support from Josh - it took her years to learn acceptance and realize a different path wasn’t failure.

  • Josh details one of his biggest challenges of his lifetime and why adjustment to care taking was a challenge.

  • “We don’t always stay strong…” A lot of people think you have to stay tough. But at the end of the day, it’s okay to feel weak and feel defeated.

  • How Tiffanny and Josh balance each other out through a positive outlook, the drive to move forward, and Josh’s humor and sweetness. 

  • How Josh and Tiffanny met!

  • How Tiffanny realized Josh was invested in their relationship and how Josh realized Tiffanny was the person he wanted to be with and move with to be near the best doctor available.


  • What can happen when no one looks at the big picture 

  • Be your own health advocate. Do your research! “I don’t care if it takes 20 opinions, do it!”

  • Accept where your body is. 

  • You can still find happiness and fulfillment regardless of your path changing.

  • Video and document your symptoms. 

  • Travel with a binder so doctors can see point by point what happens over the years - help them see the bigger picture. 

  • Diagnosis equals victory.

  • There isn’t always an answer or an immediate plan, and you should allow yourself feel and deal with whatever we face.