EPISODE 003: Using Emotions as a Guide to Healing and Manifesting Your Wants as Your True Self


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In this week’s episode, James Ruzinok opens up about the winding path that led him to his current spiritual practice as a life coach and Reiki master. Plus, James shares tips on how to manifest the life you want while finding the answers within.

In this candid conversation, James Ruzinok recalls going through two divorces and two careers before realizing what was missing in life and that he needed to change something. After putting in the work, he found the third career and a third marriage that is loving, supportive, and inspires him to live in balance and harmony with his true life purpose - helping you to live in harmony with your true life purpose.

Tune in to see how James reflected, evolved, and obtained skills to live a fulfilling life in love and the pursuit of happiness and live his true soul purpose.



  • You have all the answers you need within to be true to who you are - to do this you must take the time to think about how you’re feeling about actions you’re going through in life.   

  • The after-life and reincarnation were topics explored, along with religion and spirituality being different from one another; energy work and auras contributing to life coaching.

  • Exploring James’ family interactions as a child helped him realize what was missing from his adult life. That exploration enabled him figure out what would make his life more meaningful now.

  • As a life coach, James helps people understand their options and explores getting rid of limiting beliefs in your life, breaking negative thought cycles, and assists you in imaging your life being different.

  • “I haven’t really done real well at picking wives.” This was James’ admission as he explained the realization that his personal life had been out of balance.

  • Healing is a journey you have to commit to taking and then recognize it once you get there.