EPISODE 002: How Physical Survival and Mindfulness Parallels Mental and Emotional Survival


In this week’s episode, Sean Doss opens up about serious traumatic events occurring to him throughout childhood that had lasting impact until adulthood. 

In this candid conversation, Sean Doss explains how he harnessed experiences with molestation, suicide attempts, and a resulting mental breakdown to turn a dream into reality. Sean used his experience to open Doss Survival Training, where he teaches people how to be in the present moment, recognize patterns, and step back to think before acting - all lessons that apply in a physical or mental and emotional survival scenario.

Tune in to see how Sean survived and the skills he obtained to live a fulfilling life while making sense of and coping with unthinkable acts over which he had no control.



  • Sean has a positive attitude and mindset, practicing gratitude for the experiences he’s learned from to become the man he is today. 

  • Sean’s traumatic childhood events manifested in adulthood as a tidal wave of emotion, rushing in and taking over. It was overwhelming.

  • Because of the tidal wave, having a strong support system and close relationships played an important role in saving his life.

  • In hard situations, maintaining mindfulness and confidence is important. Additionally, self soothing is an important learned skill.

  • Accepting help can be life changing and is the right thing to do, even if its not easy. Sean details what it was like when he accepted help.

  • “My biggest enemy was me” - This was Sean’s realization right before the tables turned and healing started. Wow, how do you realize that and what do you do about it? Sean tells us.



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