Love Story Contest Rules!


By submitting a voice recording, you have a chance to be featured on a podcast episode in February 2019. You will be entered to win a $50 Visa gift card. 

The submission deadline is January 25th, 2019, so what are you waiting for? Just follow these simple steps…

  1. Start a recording with your voice memo app on your phone.

  2. Say your first and last name in this way, for example: “My name is Brandi Fleck and…”

  3. Then, describe what you love about your significant other. Or, tell a sweet story about how you met or your favorite memory together. The recording should be between 1-3 minutes.

  4. Name and save the file.

  5. Email it to brandi fleck[at]onbeinghumanpdocast[dot]com.

Brandi FleckComment