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I’m Brandi Fleck, a 30-something artist, writer, graphic designer, boy and cat mom, sister, aunt, girlfriend, and cis southern woman, although not by chance of birth location. I was born to a teenage mom and no dad until I found him later. I’ve survived unhealthy stepparents, uprooting of home at a moment’s notice, loved ones dying early, the threat of death during child birth, divorce, and even a prostitute jumping in my car by (my) mistake.

Do I have stories for you!

But I’ve also been fortunate enough to travel the world (ok, a good portion of it, but nowhere close to all of it); make deep connections with family, friends, and strangers; learn how to forgive and move forward; find success in unexpected ways; make a home; and make a fun, multi-dimensional career doing anything from commissioned art projects to writing software manuals.

I love to use different forms of art and words to explore the human condition and then find ways to make change.

One of my favorite past times, besides loving on my son, is observing and sharing conversation over coffee surrounded by walls with atmosphere and stories. I fill my home not only with people I love, but with antiques and art work because they have stories!

Other parts of being human that I love include food, entertainment, compassion, creating and all forms of creative expression, adventure, having fun, laughing, experimenting, learning, home, relationships, healing, self-care, community, spirituality – all topics and then some you will find here.

The point of On Being Human is to have discussions and share stories along with opinions, tips and tricks, philosophies, and experiences. I’m no expert at life, but genuinely believe we can be vulnerable, honest, and open about personal struggles and successes to learn from and uplift one another, to heal, be kind, give limitless love, and create a better world to live in — all with a sense of humor. There is so much to enjoy about life, if we’re open to it!

Ultimately, I want myself and my community to engage and think critically about actions, impact, and how to live a better life while being human, together.



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New episodes of the On Being Human podcast air weekly on Tuesdays with the exception of holiday weeks, because work-life balance is fun.

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